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Camper del Sol Trips and tips

‘Trips and tips’ for your RV journey

Granada en Alhambra

Visit Alhambra, the most famous monument of Spain; arrange your entree cards in advance, at home. Enjoy the historical centre of Granada with its great night life. Or visit Albaicí: an old Arabic neighbourhood, with its charming tortuous streets and houses build in the 14th century.

Go from Camping site Reina Isabel in La Zubia to Granada and Alhambra. There is a bus stop in front of the camping site.

Alhambra, very nice for RV holiday
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Be well prepared for your motorhome trip! Do you want to visit cities, enjoy culture, mini Hollywood and alternate this with the beautiful Costa coast and beaches? We will provide you with some practical tips and ideas! In the bigger cities you will most often find big campsites. The campsites are surrounded by perfectly located public transport connections. Bring a long a road map, next to using  a navigation system. This will ensure you to find the proper way/road at any moment. Find your camping guides in a bookstore or on the internet, for example the camping guide fascinating Andalucia. More information can be found on the following links read more….  Or read one of our customers travel stories on this website read more….


Visit Mezquita, an impressive mosque with a surface of 23.000 square metres, the third largest of the world! The 'Alcazar de los Reyes Católicos' (the castle of the Catholic Kings), a 15th century castle with its beautiful gardens.

Go from camping site El Brillante (in the city centre) or camping site Los Villares (around 10 km north from Cordoba, nearby the southern erdge of the natural park Los Villares).

Córdoba, during the RV trip through Andalusia very nice to visit!


Sevilla has the largest historical centre of Europe, where you can find the most important sights of the city; the cathedral of Sevilla with its Giralda tower, the Alcazr read more..  and the Torre del Oro. In the Sevillian neighbourhood Triana the Flamenco is originated.

Go from camping site Willsom, in Dos Hermanas, 20 km south from Sevilla or RV place at the Puerto Gelves on the pier at the river Guadalquivir, read more ... and combine it with a visit to the bird sanctuary La Cañada de-sled, read more ... and / or the unique and special area of the Doñana National Park read more ...

Sevilla, Flamenco, culture with Moorish influence


Cádiz is one of the well-known Andalusian ports not adjacent to the Mediterranean sea. Sights: the port, the new cathedral, the Defences, visual and archaeological museum, theatre Gran Teatro Manuel de Falla and the Roman theatre.

Go from camping site Willsom, in Dos Hermanas, 20 km south from Sevilla or camping site Oromano in Alcala de Guadaira.

Cadiz and environment; beautiful wide beaches!


An historical town, with great monumental architecture, located around 750 metres above sea level. Surrounded by lovely squares and terraces. The city has been split by a deep gorge known as Tajo de Ronda, where three famous bridges are built around; the Puente Romano (Roman bridge, also known as Puente San Miguel), the Puente Viejo and the famous Puente Nuevo (New bridge).

Go from camping site El Sur, 3km south from Ronda

Ronda has some impressive old stuff and a lot of historical charm Trips Links Stories RV Places